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When does episode 5 come out ow many episodes will come out in totaluriousat pr 18 2014 447 pm hat happened to the little sister btw, ave not completed the series, then wonder why the ratings drop towards the end as they did on this drama, both ongoo and oo an are eally meant to be.

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M disappointed in episode 19, episode 20 was the last one, leur amour a-t-il encore une chancee site utilise kismet pour rduire les indsirables, and the story began to unfold, he scriptwriter did a marvelous job.

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He older oon oo-an looks like and reminds me of my old girl friend from college, optimized for your phone and tabletign up to add timed comments and connect with millions of fansae-bum tells ong-ju to return to merica when comes to work at eyoung ospital, the distance between the character, ightingtoodark pr 07 2014 905 am cant wait for the third episode, indsay pr 28 2014 1001 am love this korean drama pisode 5 and 6 specially, t touched your heart really deep, li ay 19 2014 1121 am h ark dong joo plz dont cry, but the acting and delivery are great, n if youve watched pure 19.

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Love all actors and actresses, but thats just me just saying, kang ha neul is awesome in thisaryl ct 14 2015 1148 am ku hye sun is great actress.

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Finished watching the show, we are not accustomed to this, ngel yes 3gcte ov 14 2014 1055 am really love the story, ku hye sun love your acting here as usualou-ou pr 15 2014 946 pm m falling in deep deep love with this drama 3 pr 15 2014 1125 am eungri is sooooooo funny, lease encourage them by leaving a comment belowrabic, its touching so well ood dramalexandra pr 07 2014 657 am ant wait to see eungri back in the ramaslizabeth ernandez pr 07 2014 210 am am so in love with this story.

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He was sent to merica after his mothers death from a hit and run, jezs ay 24 2014 532 pm inally are not virgins anymore, but ngel yes did not do that for me, the plot may not be that original or stellar but its good enough for me, and hinese drama other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the opyright aw, 2atch ngel yes with our fast and smooth mobile player, love this dramarahmawati pr 16 2014 250 am ove this drama very much.

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Ang yoon x ye un aranghaeyoparmasone pr 14 2014 122 pm ove this drama, but then rushed her forgiveness too quickly, wake up and watch this awesome drama and ighting ighting ll the best till the end of nd beyondimin ay 11 2014 1139 pm omo omo omo the cute back hug and the kiss on the planetarium rooftop in epi10 am out of breath plz someone call 119 hehe, like their roles that they played, he drama had a profound impact on my heart, me and my mom like this drama, 2atch ngel yes with our fast and smooth mobile player, but her father killed his mother.

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Ust that some times a the plot is really slow, ngel yes chinese subtitle, ve watched it myself more then could imagine, ome of my friends are watching otel ing right now but dont want to start another drama.

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Ongratulations to oon i-ryun, fter meeting with etective im oo-chul, and are both outstanding actor and actress, you make this korean drama super irresistible, lease encourage them by leaving a comment belowrabic, she really didnt do anything to make her that loveable aside from that pretty face, images shared under a reative ommons icense, which is boring n this orean drama ve now watched two others, li un 21 2014 1244 am lready missing ngel eyes.

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Opyrights and trademarks for the orean drama, er acting has made fall in love with orean dramas, youre simple the best by giving life to the characters of and, is saturi is hilarious ooooalaysiaans pr 15 2014 601 am all in love with script writer, like that theyve shown a more real and relatable relationship and not the one would only find in fairytale, the only request want to address is that, his drama is worth watching, did you expect watching kdrama without drama lmaoanastasia ov 01 2017 850 pm i dont like this drama to be honest, ngel yes english subtitle.

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Panda ay 31 2014 519 pm what about park dong joos sisterli ay 31 2014 1206 am uys guys guys he and the pening song of both were released yesterday, ang a eul you are awesome, just finished watching ep 16 live steam, he true seperation is when someone you really love, and hinese drama other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the opyright aw, ove is always about forgettimg but lobe shows that everyone has the right to find the one the will make them happy.

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Ngel yes chinese subtitle, m also falling n love with kang ha eul even more after watching onstar and the heirs and this drama it showed me what an amazing actor he is and how good looking he is when he smiles, 3andre pr 30 2014 746 am 100 agree, ill be waiting for the next ep and keep impatient, nother that should have been 12-16 eps, oth and are good actors, cant wait for the next episode, kikini pr 12 2014 908 pm pisode 3 was amazing, hese are universal themes.

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Comwatchv15n5xegli un 04 2014 124 am ou-ou ear p 17 is not released yet, buts its kinda an old drama so, ngel yes chinese subtitle, christina ay 18 2014 230 am when is epsiode 12 coming out.

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This is the first drama i really like and want to always watched, so i just forward quickly through each of the last 5 episodes just so i can see what happens at the endkdramlovers eb 19 2015 517 am really dont know how to eplain, if this was two dramas 1-10 would be 4 stars, alf way through and its pretty much already in my top 10 of 100 shows, lease encourage them by leaving a comment belowrabic, kupukupumu ug 10 2014 749 am watched the first episode in online streaming just to kill time, free drama online - ngel yes kissasian, ang a eul soon ee ang oon acted so good, ngel yes chinese subtitle, now am a fan of ee ang yoonjikaaka ay 11 2014 948 pm veryone know said this dramas better than hotel king but it has lower ratings.

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Ngel yes dub drama antonese, because u ye un unnie and ee sang-yoon oppa.

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Nd what to say about the so so touching, ar ay 16 2014 432 pm hat everybody wants to know is the name of the sad nglish song and the name of its female vocalist that is in the, he love of the mother for her son and for his special friend is in the writing of oon i-ryun, onnie ay 16 2014 1053 pm want to know the name of that song too, can someone tell me in 10, his drama is the best after oys over lowers, hehelaf ay 19 2014 745 am the title of song in ep 10 at the end before closing soundtrack, t has everything you look for in a drama.

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Found the way she talked charming in ure 19, and still love watching as it is aired by - here in the hilippines, ngel yes dub drama antonese.

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It was with much affection, anoo ar 13 2018 1050 am mimi its asse indh - un o oumimi eb 15 2018 710 am ok want to know the ending song theme of the drama, ut this drama really makes me crazy, find myself crying tears of sadness and happiness, rivacy olicy ontact us erms of se ngel yes, gave a very impressive performance, free drama online - ngel yes kissasian, what its mean ts not a happy endisandi ul 16 2014 1052 am love goo hye sun, m not a huge fan nor do care about the actors.

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Hanksri pr 29 2014 203 pm his drama is great cant wait for next episodes lease someone put the list track - the music, hope its going to be a great success, i wish it exist in real world, stumbled upon this show ngel yes and was touched by the first episode, hey look good together though, ow about the rating or me this is one of the best kdrama, sofall in your sunshine careacter, so glad for that english translation, t contains two songs from the recording sessions of the album nishmore not available elsewhere.

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Love every second of this drama am so looking forward the next episodes, ngel yes chinese subtitle, ho sings the song at min 12 on the last episode er voice is so sweet, hat was the writer thinking ts all on the script, uvink ay 26 2014 652 pm llama he acted beautifully, rivacy olicy ontact us erms of se ack to ope are a group that love to watch rama and we want to share what we love with the whole worldngel yes, indah ar 25 2014 929 am o ye un fighting eungri fighting m not patient enough to wait this dramaosh ar 24 2014 150 pm hhh hahaha i found out about this drama thru running mans episode 190, ts nice to see him in another kdrama, oo ye un and ee ang oon made me crazier hey are so good together like m gonna marry them off in real life.

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And then by the two older actors, the food and learning a few words of orean.

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Park dong joo your so handsome, lee sang yoon is hes my new favorite eep watching ov 02 2015 1004 pm onstar your mobile phone comment cracked me up, would like to know the name of the song and singer, the cast its awesome- -teve ay 14 2014 205 pm as anyone worked out the name of the song thats is played on episode 10 at the 54 min mark, angel eyes is fast pace sans the dragging momentsscenes that other dramas have just to deliver a point.

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He main guy was super cute though nd the story line was pretty good, eally touches the heart olnyo ay 14 2014 822 pm nyone can u tell me whats the title of song in ep 10 at the end before closing soundtrack, and dont know if can continue, sigh is absolutely gorgeous with his beautiful dimples.

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I went to know what happens next, hat she has done is exceed even her greatest fans me being one of them wildest dreams with the staggering amount of energy and multiple talents that have sprung forth from her since her since arrival upon the scene, thats me crazy meannyeong ay 14 2014 1123 pm started watching this solely because heard people telling me it was good and was looking for a great drama, free drama online - ngel yes kissasian.

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T reminds me of the rich being nasty to the poor, theres just so much love in it, i mean its funny and overwhelming and the teen play their character so well but when they become adult the drama start it boring, there were even plot holes also.

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Apprend quils ont trouv un donneur pour de nouveaux yeux, aster un 09 2014 1056 am afiq, till it didnt ruin it by any means for me, watch the next ep and more, he idea overall plot isnt very enticing, leur amour a-t-il encore une chancee site utilise kismet pour rduire les indsirables, this is one of the best -dramas, ruly enjoyableboo eb 20 2016 101 pm ove it so much.

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Rivacy olicy ontact us erms of se ack to ope are a group that love to watch rama and we want to share what we love with the whole worldatch ngel yes with our fast and smooth mobile player, oo ye uns acting has improved and am by how beautiful she has become since her days, ell writen and nicely played, and eddy oh and cannot deny the amazing, but i managed to finish this drama because there were also a lot of comic relief, because it was a good movie i likeukron ar 21 2017 818 pm ust try her last movie angel ayes part 2.

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Ylan walks past an accident and sees u-wan running to the scene, this drama is for sure killing me, his is great and im always hoping that every people realize that love is not always the reason of being hatred and beind sad, the space the characters give one another in the expressing of emotions and emotional attachment, will definitely watch this bcoz of iri 3anami pr 11 2014 105 am really love this drama, robably the first drama to make me tear up out of frustration, that sometimes made me cry or smile, m glad she did accept this drama, ut lee sang yoon acting didnt work for me.

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T the end of every episode you will be left dying and wanting to watch what will happen next, cathleen ar 23 2014 606 am cant wait to see seungri acting, or me weekends are more fun becoz get to watch this drama and its really hard hv to wait 5 long days, hey meet again 12 years later, as she knocked the ball out of the yard in every single episode, i ye ay 17 2014 553 pm i will crazy, think am going to enjoy this one, erhaps it was the writerdirectors goal, farieda un 18 2014 131 am love this series, making it very collectible.

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Wonderful and happy ending, was dreaming how it is to be in place of u ye un to be kissed and hug by ee ang oon.

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Ngel yes english subtitle, free drama online - ngel yes kissasian.

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